Four years in the prestigious Ecole Boulle, before joining famous antiques dealers and National Museums (le Louvre, followed by Versailles), has ended up producing a highly skilled eye with gifted hands, and offers Patrick a vast technical freedom in the creation process. As a Professor in the Ecole Boulle, he was bestowed with the highly esteemed French award entitled “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 1997, or Best Craftman of France, and has a constant desire to transmit his love of beautiful pieces and wonderful craftmanship, through his workshop which he founded in 1992. A preserved know-how that is highly recognized by his peers, who is welcomed at the heart of the  “Grands Ateliers de France”, or Great Workshops of France, that provides a network of excellence in high level workmanship. You can find his workshop under a tree-lined garden in Enghien-les-Bains, which resembles a wonderland, a marvelous and enchanting store. Here, the grand old tradition of French art sculptors reinvents itself constantly in a fusion of ancestral techniques and highly innovative concepts where emotion is always key. Among the plaster mouldings of acanthus leaves, the drafts and thumbnail sketches, it’s under the assault of straight and curved gouges, that the chisel finally reveals wooden masterpieces under the skilled eye of the expert, through a subtle harmony of sensual curls and fine ornaments.

Patrick Blanchard... a classical career path